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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trade With Nachos Grande: A Mike Stanton Auto, Just Because He's Awesome

I completed my second trade with Chris, the proprietor of the excellent Nachos Grande. Chris pulled a Mike Stanton autograph from 2011 Lineage, and though I don't collect Stanton, it was just one of those cards I wanted to own. Stanton is an elite young player who's only going to get better, so picking up a signature of his in a trade as opposed to eBay was the way to go for me.

Chris received three 2010 Ginter relics he needed as he attempts to collect the entire relic and autograph set, an immense task. I was happy to help, and more than thrilled to pick up a Stanton auto in the process. Chris was also kind enough to knock off seven cards I needed (five Hometown Heroes, two Ascent Of Man) for the various aspects of 2011 A&G I'm working on.

Thanks for the great trade Chris! If I come across anymore Ginter relics you need, I'll let you know!