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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trade With TheLostCardsFile: What Do Clayton Kershaw and Johnny Podres Have In Common?

I completed my first trade with Nicholas from TheLostCardsFile. Nicholas is new to the blogging community, so head on over and add him to your blogrolls, as he's already shown off some really terrific pulls and other creative hobby-related ideas. Moving on to our first trade. I spotted a card that interested me, and while Nicholas decided to hold on to that, we were able to work out a great deal for the below cards. You can see what I sent him here.

KKKKKKKKKershaw! A sweet 2010 Topps Tribute auto/relic of the dy-no-mite young lefty, and it's numbered 95/99. This marks Kid K signature number eighteen in my PC - my second base auto/relic from '10 Tribute - and was without a doubt the highlight of the deal. That wasn't all I received, however.

My second Johnny Podres autograph is the awesome 2010 Topps T-206 American Caramels Back autograph above. Always happy to add a nice hit of the 1955 World Series hero!

Nicholas also sent along an Andre Ethier Marquee base card, as well as a pair of hits I already have, but am very happy to receive nevertheless. The Kershaw Heritage jersey swatch will serve as an upgrade to the one I already own, which arrived long ago from eBay with a slightly dinged corner. The Lindblom is available for any of my Dodgers brethren: DodgerBobble, Owl of The Night, Spiegel. A fight to the death appears to be the only way to solve this! Or, whichever one of you is interested. The former would be more entertaining though. DB, this could be one of a bajillion cards in exchange for that high-end hit you're semi-contemplating dealing, or towards that Lob City Kia auto. And by bajillion, I truly mean bajillion.

Thanks for the fantastic, fantastic trade Nicholas! I look forward to many more, and welcome to the community!


  1. I gave blood today so I'm too weak to fight, but I'd be up for a trade for the Lindblom!

  2. I'd like to sit down with Kershaw one day and have him explain to me just how in the hell his signature says "Clayton Kershaw."

  3. The Lindblom has been set aside for the Night Owl.

    topher- There's a C and l, a squiggly line, and a K plus some sort of almost right angle. Close enough for me haha!

    Although, that would be an entirely awesome task, finding out how players come to sign their name the way they do....