Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Plaschke's 2012 Collecting/Blog Goals.

7 spots remain in my card draft! You can find all of the pertinent information here, on the sign-up post. Check it out guys and gals, it'll be well worth your time and monetary contribution. Less than a dollar per card when it's all said and done, and you walk away with over 30 cards of all shapes and sizes.


A little lot so ridiculous I'm out of words late, but never a bad idea to get your goals down on paper (or the internet, in this case). And away we go.

1. Focus primarily on my Kemp, Kershaw, Martin, Getzlaf, Rosen, and Campanella collections. I'm particularly interested in picking up rarer cards of Matt, Clayton, and Russ, as well as filling in simple base needs through trades. I'd also love to further bulk up my Getzlaf PC and add a printing plate if at all possible, as well as focus on cardboard from his rookie year. And, of course, continue adding sweet Getz cards from Dominion. I do love me some Dominion. I've really been hitting the Getz PC hard thus far, so I'm extremely and entirely pleased with the direction # 1 is heading.

2. Condense my collection. The Trade Bait Card Draft helped that immensely. # 2 is already underway, as that inevitability came up on me quickly.

3. Complete my Clayton Kershaw Pentafecta. Fairly self-explanatory. A patch is needed to check this goal off of the list!

4. Curtail frivolous and knee-jerk eBay spending. This includes and perhaps focuses most importantly on cards I come across that are sweet and affordable but don't fit into my collecting needs and wants in any real way beyond being "cool cards" or cards I can easily trade. This may be the toughest goal to accomplish, and I'd definitely take a B grade on this one if I can earn one. It hasn't exactly been a strong-suit of mine thus far in 2012.

5. Pick up another sponsor or two. Because really, if I could pick up what amounts to free money, why wouldn't I? I've picked up one already in So far, so good.

6. Continue selling on eBay to fund the majority of my eBay purchases in 2012. I need to get on this soon. Like the day before yesterday soon.

7. Make progress on my Kemp and Kershaw's Golden Pursuit Project. Ideally, I'd be able to end the year with at least 10 of the 99 cards I need, which would equate to just over 10% of the project being in the books. At the moment, I've got four of these beautiful bad boys. It's been a while since one popped on eBay. This one is somewhat out of my hands, because I can't acquire any if none are available to be had.

8. Hit up more in-person appearances of Dodgers and other athletes. I'm going to FanFest, so that's a major step in the right direction. I did manage to make it to a Clayton Kershaw book signing already, so that's a huge step towards meeting this goal.

9. Continue to feature Erin Hawksworth. Of course.

10. Acquire an Evan Longoria on-card Auto. A tough task, to be certain. I have my eyes on one presently.

11. Obtain a copy of Matt Kemp's 2005 Bowman Chrome RC Auto. Any version, graded or not graded. A card I absolutely must own at some point, so why not in 2012?


  1. Some great goals there. I got your message and have the Hamels and black Kershaw set aside for you. Let me know if you come up with anything.

  2. I read the first couple , then #9 caught my eye. Sorry, I didn't read the rest. That is a good goal. I think it should be goal #1 in order of importance, though maybe you should have put it as the last goal so people would get further reading...

  3. Thanks Ted, appreciate it! I'll keep my eyes open!

    lifetime- Yeah, #9 is pretty good (she's number one in my heart). My posts with her in 'em generally do well, as you might imagine.