Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Card Draft # 2! Already? Yes, Already. Join Now!

I had intended this to occur sometime in the summer, but sometimes life throws you a wicked Public Enemy Number One. Or two must-have, would kill for PC items you need to raise funds for pop up within a couple weeks of one another. This draft will have a similar format to the first draft, with a few key differences. Nothing major has changed though.

She wants you....to give me money join the draft.

The price is one of those small changes though. It'll be $25 delivered this time around. Why the slight increase? Well, there will be better hits available, because I've pulled a number of cards from my own collection. These are cards that I like, but I'd rather them go to better homes, one, and two, I've needed to somewhat purge my collection around the edges anyways. Oh, and the PC cards I'm after are so monumental, they necessitate this draft. So I must fill said draft with worthy cards to get you guys and gals interested in joining.

There will be ten to twelve slots available again, the draft order will be the same as last time, and all four major sports will once again be represented. Another difference to note is that everything available can be seen upfront (scroll down yo). Also, I'll be asking for lists of ten or so cards upfront once we get everybody settled in and the draft nears. Hopefully that will serve to keep things at a nice pace, especially early on.

Payment can be made, via PayPal and as a GIFT, to plaschkethysweaterisargyle@yahoo.com

Please do not include anything in the comments/notes section. I'll grab anyone's address I don't already have through e-mail. Sending the money this way ensures neither of us gets charged PayPal fees.

There are 311 cards up for grabs. So, for your entry fee, you'll get 31 cards (if we end up with eleven or twelve, I'll add in some more; I may do that anyways as a thank you for participating). Everyone will leave with at least 30 cards, guaranteed. 30 cards for $25 is a pretty good deal in my opinion, with a mixture of hits and vintage and what not.

1. Shawn Welker (PAID)
2. Matt Pederson (PAID)
3. jaybarkerfan
4. Robert Mitchell (PAID)
5. Spiegel (PAID)
6. B.A. Benny (PAID)
7. Justin McLeod
8. Jeff Wilk
11. (if enough interest)
12. (if enough interest)

There will be autos and relics and rookies and inserts and vintage and minis and jumbos available once again, but as I said, the hits are better in my opinion this time around.

Here is what's available in Card Draft Part Deux: Electric Baitaloo, a.k.a. raising funds for the Gregory Zakwin PC Foundation, adding sweet sweet cardboard love to placate my addiction since 2010. A note: the bottom right corner of a nine-page sheet I used somehow got a scratch on the outside, so the scans further down all show it. The cards in that slot are fine.

Let the entering of the draft commence!


  1. You're killing my, Smalls! If we can do it the same way as last time, I'm in.

  2. Works for me Justin!

    Come on people, I know you want to join! Also, there will be at least another round of cards added, already pulled 'em, just need to scan 'em in.

  3. Yeah, I'm in. I've got to get my hands on some of those hockey hits. As soon as I get payment for a couple of ebay items I've sold, I'll get it sent off to you.

  4. Awesome Matt, thanks!

    7 spots left guys! And I've got a couple scans of cards still to add.

  5. jbf makes it four down, six or so to go! Any interest out there? Let me hear it!

  6. It is indeed jbf. I happen to have two of this particular rarity, so I thought I'd spread the love.

  7. Robert is in! Five spots have been claimed, five to seven spots remain!

    Let's fill 'er up people!

    Exclamation points!!!!!

  8. Spiegel has joined the party! Four spots left, let's fill 'er up!

  9. B.A. Benny has joined up! Four spots left!