Monday, April 16, 2012

Trade With BillInDallas: The Best $8 I've Ever Spent?

That's probably hyperbole, but it's a bang-up eight dollar expenditure, if I do say so myself. I completed my first trade with BillInDallas, an SCF member looking to part with some hockey cards from my all-time favorite product, Dominion. I didn't see anything Ryan Getzlaf, but I found two cards that were priced so fantastically I couldn't pass them up.

First up is this sweet auto/relic of Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle. A great design on these All Decade cards, and the signature is on-card to boot. It's serial-numbered 33/50, and ran me just two bones. I love that Boyle's John Hancock isn't just a bunch of lines; he clearly takes his time in creating a very loopy and elegant signature. I could foresee this card eventually ending up with Fuji if the deal was right, but I would also have no problem keeping it.

The second card was a bit more pricey at four clams. Another on-card auto, and another d-man from Dominion. One of the plethora of Staal Brothers, Marc checks in at 06/50. Again, a card I could see myself trading, flipping for a profit, or keeping.

So, six bucks for two awesome cards from the high-end of high-end products. Shipping was an additional two George Washingtons, so eight bucks in total netted me another great deal courtesy of the SCF hockey boards.

Thanks Bill!

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