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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trade With Facebooker Ben Schragger: The Dirtiest David Wright Swatch This Side of Long Beach (and Erin Hawksworth).

I completed my first trade with Ben Schragger, who I found through the Facebook group The Sports Card Hangout. I sent Ben a Daniel Hudson auto, and in return received the two relics below.

A new David Wright, which is always a welcome sight. I had no idea it would feature a sweet dirty swatch when I requested it, but it was a most pleasant surprise when I opened the bubbler. It's my second Wright relic with dirt. The most welcome sight, though, would be Wright in Dodger Blue. Make it happen. Oh crap, Ned's still our G.M. Juan Uribe, a lifetime contract is in your future.

Rounding out the trade, this Tulo will find a nice home in my Dirtbags PC.

Thanks for the trade Ben!

And I totally whiffed on this (but did write to her on Facebook), but yesterday was Erin Hawksworth's birthday! Happy (Belated) Birthday Erin! You know what that means:


  1. wouldn't it be cool to have one dirt and one grass stained?

  2. Sweet cards! The FB trades are just as good as in the blogosphere.

    I wished Erin a Happy Birthday on Facebook too!

  3. Stealing Home- That would be pretty cool. Any dirty swatch is awesome in my book.

    DB- They are indeed! And I have you to thank for showing me that FB trades exist! haha, gracias!

  4. Got any marquee? Posted some newer cards for trade

  5. Jon- Only Marquee hit I have is the Kemp swatch in my Bison PC. Saw your bait, I have that Getz/Bobby Ryan Dual Auto, but I would be interested in dealing for it anyways at some point.