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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Trade With $30 a week habit: David Wright Says THIS Is What A Real Game Used Jersey Relic Looks Like

Robert from $30 a week habit and I have traded once before, and completed our second trade shortly after the first was in the books. Hell, I had yet to post my end of the first deal when he posted a card I just had to have. An Adam Lind auto later and it's mine, all mine!

That is in fact a dirty swatch you see before you. My scan can't even come close to showing just how awesome this Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relic is. I have never owned a game-used relic quite like this before now, and I'm extremely excited Robert was willing to part with it and send it my way.

I've long been a fan of Wright's, and this is definitely one of the cooler cards of his I have, and for that matter, one of the most ridiculously awesome cards I own period. It pairs nicely with the other Wright 2011 Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relic I have, which I picked up in a trade with Johnny from Cards From The Quarry some time ago.

I suppose a clean white swatch would make for the trifecta. Unless, of course, there's a gray or blue swatch out there. Or some other color.

There probably is.


  1. TLC...it's dirt, the scan doesn't pickup how brown the bottom corner really is...I'm glad it found a home with someone who really appreciates it. Thanks again for the trade Greg..

  2. A.J.- Robert is correct. And it is way more awesome in person. I mean, the scan's not bad, but it's hard to pick up just how crazy insane the dirt is!

    Adam- Thanks fellow Wright collector!

    Robert- Thanks again, and I'm happy I could send the Lind to someone who appreciates it more than I would have!

  3. Dirty Relic - Yesssssssssssss!!!!!

    Great Card

  4. Duuude, jealous. haha That's awesome, I've never gotten a jersey with dirt on it before!

  5. Haha, thanks Joe! It's really quite weird to actually see a truly game-used swatch. I just stared at it for a while and gently rubbed the dirt.