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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trade With Cheap Card Collecting: Mojo Drew, Some UCLA Friends, and A Dirtbag

I completed my first trade with Anthony from Cheap Card Collecting. I spotted a relic of interest in his trade bait, and after a couple of e-mails we struck up a deal. In return for three autos, I picked up my first Maurice Jones-Drew hit, this sweet dual jersey relic numbered out of just 100 (033/100 in the case of the card you see below).

I really, really need to clean my scanner. The scanner I just recently realized I had. Lame....

Anthony also sent along a few other cool cards.

Three Ryan Mathews rookie cards for my small Mathews PC. The two chrome cards are awesome, particularly the one that also features my favorite football player of all-time, Mr. LaDainian Tomlinson.

A Russell Westbrook rookie in which he dons his UCLA uniform? Hell. Yes.

A very cool 2007 Bowman Chrome Jered Weaver X-Fractor (112/250), which slots in nicely for one of my three newest collecting endeavors.

Anthony also knocked off one A&G base card from this year's offering that I needed, a short-print of one Matt Kemp. I know just need a Kemp for my Kemp PC.

Thanks for the trade Anthony, hope to deal again soon! I'm off to play in my kickball league. Enjoy your Sunday everyone.


  1. Thanks Greg, got your cards today. Alsom the Clark didn't sell but I didn't see any trade bait I was interested in. It's for sale if you're interested.

  2. Glad they arrived Anthony! I'll e-mail you about the Clark!