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Monday, September 19, 2011

Trade With Collector's Crack: The Final Manny Ramirez Rookie Card and A Chunk Of 2011 Allen & Ginter

I completed my third trade with Mark from the great Collector's Crack. You can read about the first foray here and the second swap here. In exchange for a couple of Brewers hits and a Brett Favre refractor, I received a ton of help in my pursuit of finishing off 2011 A&G. The rest of what I need from this year's Ginter can be found here. Mark sent me 41 base cards and a number of inserts in return for the cards I sent his way.

However, the meat of this deal was the final Manny Ramirez RC I needed.

I'll get a post together with all seven (plus the gold foil-y parallel I have) and, hopefully, have it posted this week at some point.

The final card I'd like to highlight needs no introduction other than it's Sandy Koufax - for heaven's sake - AND in mini form, no less.

Thanks for the great swap Mark!

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