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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Al Rosen Trifecta Is Now Complete.

It took a while, but I finally have my newest completed Trifecta, and it stars Al Rosen, the man that encompasses my primary "retired player collection". I just made that term up. I like Al Rosen, think he was undervalued as a player (and for inclusion in the HOF, considering he was a third baseman), and admire that he was Jewish.

I decided to include every card that had a place in my Rosen Trifecta, because I'm still on my "I need to scan everything" kick. I have three of his 1950 Bowman RCs and three autos, one of which (a personalized TTM!) was generously sent to me by A.J. at The Lost Collector, out of the pure goodness of his heart.

The final piece of the Trifecta puzzle I needed was a relic, which I recently picked up on the cheap from eBay. I really like the design of this pants relic from 2005 UD SP Legendary Cuts; it strikes me as particularly elegant, with a great picture of Al and a type of relic you don't see all that often.

I've been after an affordable Rosen Relic for quite some time, and they always seemed to end right out of the range I wanted to purchase one in. However, I was able to snag this beauty for 99 cents and grab a couple of other cards from the seller to take advantage of combined shipping.

This was a tremendously fun Trifecta to put together, and I hope to complete many more Trifectas in the future. And hopefully for as reasonable a monetary sum as the Rosen ran me.


  1. Nice! I love old relics...seeing the old fabric and the old colors. Very cool card.

  2. ooooooh jealous of the tapey Bowman Rosen. And game used pants!