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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Very Unique Matt Kemp Autograph Finds A Home With Me

I've long been a proponent of eschewing blasters and instead buying singles from eBay. Yes, shipping charges can be detrimental to your health oftentimes, but in the end, you're getting something you know you'll want from the Bay as opposed to blasters, which are truly a crap-shoot.

Here is my latest eBay pickup. I've been after a Matt Kemp 2009 Topps Unique Solo Shot Auto for a long, long time. I'm a huge fan of Unique, and wish Topps would bring it back. So when I came across this Kemp Auto for the price of half a blaster - with free shipping to boot - it was an easy purchase and a fantastic addition to my Kemp PC.

Yes, it's a sticker. But it also has Matt Kemp's autograph on it. Which is plenty good enough for me, especially considering it was a great deal. This is my second Kemp hit from 2009 Unique, as I previously acquired a dual relic that features Matty and Manny Ramirez.


  1. That is a nice looking autograph, even though it's a sticker. And I hope no Manny-itis rubbed off on Kemp. I think the Dodgers are far enough removed from Manny but let's hope he didn't give anyone any "advice".

  2. Thanks!

    And I hope he gave the whole damn team outside of Kemp tips on how to actually hit the ball and draw a walk.

  3. Who cares about the sticker? Looks amazing to me. Can't get enough Kemp autos.