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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Am I The Only Person That Likes Topps Unique?

Most people who I've seen mention Unique didn't like it. I really love it. A couple of the first cards I picked up after getting back into the swing of things were of the Unique variety.

Anyways, I may have overpaid a tad for this Bills autograph - $6.99 shipped as the only bidder - but I really like the Solo Shot Autos.

The seller has a dirty scanner, I do believe. But a good enough one for me to steal this scan of theirs. So, am I alone in wishing Topps would bring back Unique?


  1. I like Topps Unique. Not sure why others don't...

  2. I love Unique... They have some players in their former teams.


    I also like the set with 3 players from the same team.


  3. I like it, especially those Solo Shot autos. I have a Rich Hill version and it's a beaut! I too picked up a lot of this when I first came back to the hobby - sure it's around somewhere haha.

  4. Topps Unique was a nice set, the main problem though was that it didn't really do anything to give itself a lasting identity. There were some really nice patches that came out of it though.

  5. Can't really comment on Topps Unique as a whole (didn't bust any)... but your particular autograph is pretty sweet.

    Nice pickup!

  6. Glad to see I'm not the only one!

    Jesse- That Kemp/Martin/Manny card is so sick! Congrats!

  7. It was pretty overpriced when it came out, and seemed to be missing promised hits at an unusually high rate. The look of the auto & regular game-used didn't seem to do it for anybody when it initially released. The base set & parallels looked great though, there was one awesome insert set, and the bigger patches were pretty sick, though the normal-sized ones seemed kinda "meh" from the player checklist standpoint when I watched a bunch of breaks on youtube back then.

    Someday I'll get in gear and get around to trading with you, btw!

  8. I almost forgot about the messed up hits. I remember having to send back several "patch" pieces since they were obviously jersey pieces and not even single-colored patch pieces. Topps did a good job of replacing the cards with mice multi-color patch pieces, but now that the product is old, you won't be able to do that.

  9. lonestarr/TCI- Glad I was out of the hobby then, missed and bad hits wouldn't make me very happy haha.

    lonestarr- Let me know whenever you're ready to deal! I've still got those two Ginter minis for you we talked about previously.