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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Can You Ever Have Enough Copies of The Same Card?

Another day, another Ryan Getzlaf Dominion Ruby Autograph numbered out of 50 to post. This one was had for the low price of just $11.01 delivered, and was purchased utilizing Card Draft # 1 funds. Speaking of which, Draft number 2 still has some spots remaining.

This particular copy, my third of the ruby /50, is serial-numbered 12/50 and was snagged back in mid-March from the clutches of eBay. It's an excellent addition to my Getzlaf PC, and I'm always ready and willing to pick these up. I'm ever vigilant, scouring the depths of the internet to find them.

Oh, and to answer my own question posed in the title: when it comes to this card, hell no.


  1. I propose another Plaschke original: the ALLTHEFecta

  2. Yes & No. I'm typically satisfied with owning one copy of a particular card. But from time to time... I get obsessed and pick up multiples.

    I don't think I'll ever have enough 1983 Topps Tony Gwynn rookies.

    Best of luck in hunting down all 50 copies of that Getzlaf autograph!

  3. Haha, I hear ya....thanks Fuji!