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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My First Saku Koivu Auto, a.k.a. Why Would You Pay More For A Redemption Than The Actual Card?

I was able to land my first autograph of Ducks' second-line center and all-around awesome guy Saku Koivu a while back, and - shockingly, I know - it comes from my all-time favorite hockey product, Dominion.

Numbered 06/50, it's on-card, which is just fantastic. I was able to get a great deal on the newest addition to my Ducks collection, as the card ran me just $5.26 shipped. What really shocked me though, as the title alludes to, is that a redemption for the card sold a day or so after I won my copy, and it ended at over $18. That legitimately makes less than zero sense. Why would somebody pay almost three times as much for a redemption of a card that has already gone live and can be had in-hand? I mean, I've bought and traded for redemptions before, but not if I had the chance at the actual card, and certainly not if I had to pay significantly more money for just the "rights" to the card.

Anyways, I'm hoping Saku returns next year to anchor what will hopefully then be the third line, and he brings with him Finnish running mate Teemu Selanne. That would be one sweeeet third line.


  1. Nice pickup! And totally agree on the price of the redemption vs the live card, but if you get a player or set collector, they may just jump at the first one they see (in this case that being the redemption).

  2. Fair point that I hadn't considered, and it makes sense, especially with the limited print run. And thanks!