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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Every Card Has Momentous Meaning To Somebody (eBay Sellers Be Crazy).

I was recently able to snag the below jumbo swatch of Russell Martin from eBay for a cool $5.03 delivered. But that's not the intriguing part of the story. When the card arrived, I originally thought it was sans penny sleeve, but soon realized that was not the case. In actuality, it was crudely wrapped and sans toploader. The seller had sleeved it before placing it in a bit of bubble wrap.

When I left the seller feedback, I suggested he use a toploader next time for added (and the best possible) protection. He still got a positive, but the card could have been damaged, and it had already begun to slide out of the sleeve. He responded by telling me the card didn't need protection because it was low-end and not that valuable. Which, to be blunt, pissed me off.

Just because the card didn't hold any value in his mind, and meant nothing, doesn't mean it is meaningless to everyone. As you all know, I super-collect Russ, and every Russ card has meaning to me. The above card, even though Russ isn't pictured in Dodger Blue, and the jumbo swatch is from his Yankees uniform, still means something to me and to my collection. Hence why I spent my money on it.

The seller's job is to ensure the card makes it to his buyer safe and sound, with the proper protection. I wonder what would have happened if the card had been damaged? Would it have not mattered because the card wasn't a Bryce Harper ultra-sick 1/1? Would the seller have refused to rectify the situation and not refunded me my money because the card was "low-end" and thus not worth his time?

Is it really that difficult to toss the card in a toploader, even a dirty, tape-covered, marked-up one?

This 2012 Topps Museum Collection Momentous Materials card, numbered 01/50 and featuring a couple of subtle seams, may not have meaning to the seller who sold it, and that's fine. But it certainly has meaning to me, and when I lay down my money on a card, I expect precautions to be taken to ensure its safe arrival.

Even if the other party wouldn't be fazed by its utter destruction.


  1. What a d-bag. At least the card is in good shape.

  2. I'll just add douch-canoe to the list of this sellers titles. As a seller and buyer on the bay, I figure in all that stuff in my shipping costs and all cards get some kind of protection. If it's single card it gets it's own top loader, not necessarily a new top loader, but it gets one and then instead of taping the top of the top loader I put it snuggly in a team bag.

    But that's me. I ship and sell like I'd expect others to. Because your exactly right if I'm selling something it's something I don't want, but obviously if your paying for it you want it. Even if your just picking it up as a good deal to tack on for combined shipping or what ever.

    My other head scratcher is low-end? That was a hit in a $50+ pack of cards. While he obviously wasn't going to make his money back on the card, that was the money card in the pack.

    What was this guys feedback rating?

    Anywho nice pick up Greg. I have a couple of those cards they are pretty sweet actually. Not Martins, I meant Museum collection jumbo relic cards.

  3. While the card was shipped fast, it certainly wasn't packed properly and I would have dinged him for that. What do I care - I wouldn't buy from the guy anymore.

  4. Geez, I hate mojo hunting base chucking snobs.

  5. That's annoying. I usually don't complain if I buy a card for cheap and it's free shipping. But if there is a cost for shipping, the card better be protected. I don't even care of it's an A&G Guy Fieri. If it costs something for S&H, I want a toploader.

  6. The seller has an obligation to get that card to you in the same condition it was in when you bought it. A penny sleeve wrapped in bubble wrap doesn't cut it. I would be really hard pressed to buy from him again. Ever.

  7. Adam- Thankfully, yeah.

    Jon- I did, haven't opened it yet though. Check out tomorrow's post for an explanation why haha. I hope the cards I sent you made it.

    Mark- The name might be low-end, but as you said, the product and subset itself certainly aren't. 100% positive feedback with one neutral. And yeah, I don't care how crappy the toploader is, I just would like one to be used.

    Jeff- My sentiments exactly, I don't think I'll be giving him any more money.

    Greg- I don't even have a problem with his personal chasing habits, so long as those don't bleed into his selling and shipping habits.

    A.J.- Annoying is a great word my friend.

  8. Brian, couldn't have said it better myself.