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Friday, May 11, 2012

Site News: Down For The Count and A Pricey Base Card.

Though posts have gone up every day this week, the blog has actually been on auto-pilot the entirety of this week. Whenever (*pauses to watch Kate Upton's super sexy Carl's Jr. commercial*) I get the chance, I like to schedule posts ahead of time, especially when class is in session and finals time is upon students like myself. Thankfully, I had gotten ahead this week, because the events of Sunday have led to me typing this with one hand.

A broken wrist will do that to ya.

I broke my left wrist Sunday afternoon playing football with friends. We play kickball when we can, and try to get a bit of pigskin in as well. Unfortunately, I took a spill returning a kick - my momentum got the best of me, or I slipped on the transition from grass to dirt, whichever sounds manlier - and the result is my first broken bone since the fifth grade.

That collarbone break resulted in a missed whale-watching trip where everyone threw up and a figure-eight brace that led to kids saying I had a bra on. This break led to a week of no class and a powder blue cast (because I wasn't passing up the chance to represent the Dodgers, Chargers, and UCLA in one fell swoop).

Fortunately, I have scans waiting to be written into posts and other drafts that simply need a few finishing touches. I can probably scan a bit as well, but the blog could potentially be dark for a day or two if it proves too difficult. Here's one card though, just to keep on the up and up while I still can.

Ryan Getzlaf's base card from the ultra high-end Dominion, #'d 071/199. It ran me $1.99 shipped, which is more than I would usually want to pay for a base card, but with an odd print run and some sellers asking as much as seven dollars or more, I jumped on the two bones copy when I came across it. It's another Dominion need that I am no longer in need of.


  1. Nice wrist breakage. I've been there before. The truth of how it happened is never manlier than the story you tell about.

  2. I've broken so many bones, it isn't funny. In my 46 years, I've broken a collarbone 4 different times including one at around 9 or 10 years old while playing "Kill the Carrier" at recess. I had to wear one of those figure 8 collars. Even back in the kinder, gentler times of the mid 1970s, I got the same exact taunt about wearing a bra.

    Get better soon.

  3. Awww man. That's rough! I had a shattered right wrist a few years back & it was fairly crappy.

    Heal up sir!

  4. I thought you were typing with one hand because of the Upton commercial you were watching...