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Monday, May 14, 2012

Have You Ever Collected Something and Not Known Why?

Because that's the position I find myself in. Let me explain and expound. Have you ever collected a player, or a set, or anything, for a reason you come to find doesn't really remain any longer, yet you continue on for no apparent reason other than to have a sense of commitment and finish what you started?

The above Justin Smoak Manupatch/Auto fits that bill precisely. Smoak's not a Dodger, he's not one of my favorite non-Dodgers, he's not from my hometown, and I've never met him. And yet, I not only find myself putting together the manupatch/autos of his last name, but I stand at 60% of the way there after picking up the above K from eBay a while back.

I do like Smoak, and think he'll be a good player once his offensive game finds some measure of consistency. He hits for power and walks, two qualities that in combination generally draw me towards a player and lead me to root for that player to succeed. Also, Smoak's last name being as short as it is definitely played a factor in my decision to chase the nameplate. I picked up the above O and A in a trade with Dennis in November of last year, and I've kept an eye out ever since for the remaining three letters.

There have actually been quite a few popping up on eBay in recent weeks, and the K happened to remain within a reasonable price range. But again, I find myself wondering why I've continued this pursuit. Part of me wants to jump ship and sell what I have, while another part of me would love to line up all five autographed letters side-by-side and admire what dedication and some eBay know-how can yield.

As it stands, I think I'll go for the S and M to complete my first set of manupatches.

And then I'll probably sell 'em.


Spots remain in the draft!



  1. Going for S & M? Speaks to a WHOLE new host of problems there Greg!

  2. Yeah, I was gonna say, S&M + Annie's boobs (not the monkey) = ALL THE PAGE HITS

  3. Sadly, S & M didn't light it up.

    And Dennis, Annie's boobs can't be beat.

  4. Heck that's how I started more than half my baseball player collections in the 80s - I just had a bunch of a guy and said "he's cool" and decided to get 'em all.