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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So I Guess I Own 1/7th of a Part of a Russell Martin Dodgers Jersey....

Continuing on with the 2012 Card Draft # 1 funded pickups, I snagged yet another 2009 UD A Piece Of History hit of Russel Martin. This is without a doubt my favorite of the bunch, and it's just remarkably sick.

Numbered 02/35, this ridiculously awesome patch comes from the "o" on the front of a road Dodgers uniform, if my sleuthing is not incorrect. Part of me is curious to find out if the whole "o" is there and just hidden by the relic window, but I have no desire to dismantle the card and find out. This beauty, the newest addition to my Russ PC, ran me a paltry $6.50 delivered via eBay. This sweeeeet patch brings my Martin Collection to 199 unique cards, and the next posted PC pickup will be a HUGE one in a number of ways.

Until then....