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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I've Caught A 124-Year-Old Tasmanian Devil! Take A Gander!

We're taking another trip back to the 1800s as I continue with the Card Draft # one-funded purchases (a few biggies left to wrap it all up, and they're awesomely awesome, I assure you). Picking up the below beaut got me back to my vintage ways after a small hiatus, and I'm thrilled to add it to my modest collection of Original A&G. And the price? Well, the price just couldn't be beat.

Hailing from the N25 Wild Animals of the World set released in 1888, the above Tasmanian Devil is in pretty good condition, what with it being 124 years old and what not. It's retained most of its color, and there is little surface damage on either the front or the back. It ran me a measly $5.90 delivered.

The N25 set seems like it would be a blast to put together, with a lot of interesting subjects depicted on its century-plus old cardboard. Perhaps one day....


  1. Flipping sweet card! But what happened to the hyphen in the word aard-vark over the past 124 years? I say we bring it back into fashion.

  2. I just picked up three more original Allen & Ginter cards as well. I've entertained the idea of completing the American Fish set (http://fanofreds.blogspot.com/p/1889-allen-ginter-50-fish-from-american.html). The old stuff is a lot of fun - and surprisingly not terribly expensive given how old it is (if you don't care about condition anyhow).

  3. Very cool! $6 for something that old is a bargain.

  4. Where the hell do i find cards this nice at that price?

  5. Thanks guys!

    Eric- Let's take it back!

    Chris- I've been watching your Ginter posts, awesome stuff! Love 1800s cardboard, especially Ginter.

    Jeff- You have to troll eBay all the time like I do haha.

  6. Shot me an email and let's chat about the Murads.