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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Favorite Vintage Card & 1990s Insert: Yo Soy Fiesta, Roy.

Another Fuji special. His latest question involves one's favorite vintage card and favorite '90s insert. I prefer vintage to '90s anything, so that's where I shall begin. My favorite piece of vintage is an extremely easy question to answer: Roy Campanella's 1950 Bowman card, a piece of cardboard I thankfully own.

This bad boy is one of my favorite cards period, and is easily the crown jewel of my vintage collection in my mind, although I can acknowledge that Jackie Robinson's 1956 Topps card is one of many that probably ranks higher on most lists. For me though, nothing tops this beautiful specimen. The blue background, the Brooklyn B on Roy's cap, the smile on the face of the Hall of Famer; they all work together in a wonderful harmony to create a masterpiece. Follow the above link to see the journey I took to acquire the card; it's quite a doozy.

My favorite '90s insert takes us to 1993 Pacific and the Jugadores Calientes insert set. Card number 34 of the 36 Calientes made is of my favorite player from my childhood, Mike Piazza. I love everything about this card, from the prism-like background to Mike getting ready to clobber the ball to the Latin feel to the card. I snagged it from eBay for 99 cents plus shipping, and $3.48 later this awesome '90s insert was all mine! A great steal, considering it books for twenty-five bones.


  1. Love those Pacific cards! The Boggs from that set is one of my favorite cards.

  2. A. That 1950 Bowman Campanella card is pretty awesome. (side note... the 1956 Jackie Robinson is my favorite card of all-time).

    B. It's nice knowing that there are others out there who appreciate the Pacific Prisms from the mid 90's.