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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One Sweet Card.

Yet another Ryan Getzlaf autograph I couldn't resist adding to my PC of the Ducks' Captain. It hails from a 2007-2008 Upper Deck Sweet Shots insert set called Puck Signings, and it's a tremendous design. The on-card auto, first and foremost, is appreciated, as it's always cool knowing a player actually touched a card you own. Second, the photo of a young Getz as an Alternate Captain is pretty cool, and finally, the sweet cherry on top is the stunning silver signature on the black puck.

It was had via eBay for under half the price of a blaster, and it's a most welcome addition to my collection, serving as Getzlaf Autograph number fourteen (that I've thus far gotten around to posting).


  1. That is a mighty pretty card. Gotta see what Blackhawk versions exist (that I doubt will be half blaster priced).

  2. That is one sweet card. I doubt I could pick up any Penguins autos for half the price of a blaster.

  3. Thanks gents!

    Jeff, I believe there's a Toews version.