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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Surprise Hidden In My Collection: Corey Seager, The Newest Dodger.

Assuming he signs, which I believe he will. A rather appropriate blue border and some great foreshadowing.

Numbered 148/199 with at least one seam, I picked this up from my LCS's eBay offerings months ago for a paltry sum (either 99 cents or a buck and change). Seager is a current shortstop but future third baseman who projects to have good power, a good eye at the plate, and an above-average to excellent glove. I'm stoked Logan White and the Dodgers went with a bat, considering the Dodgers consistently develop pitching but struggle with offensive guys, who are usually sent packing in terrible deals anyways.


  1. Time for me to track this card down.

  2. Nice card! I busted out my Team USA cards to see who I might have to move to team boxes as the draft went down.

  3. If he can play as well his brother is doing for the Mariners this year, you might have a winner in Dodger Town.