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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4th Place = A Duke Snider Auto? YEEEESSSSSS!

Some time ago, I participated in a very interactive contest over at Cards Beyond Oceans. There were multiple winners, and I came in fourth place. Ordinarily, you wouldn't expect a fourth place prize to be a card you would end up cherishing. You would be stoked to win something and very grateful for the contest itself, but you wouldn't have the word "YEEEESSSSSS!" in the title. This was no ordinary fourth place prize though. It was a mystery prize, and I'm nothing if not a man of mystery.

The Duke of Flatbush! Oh snap! I was blown away to not only have been amongst the winners, but to have been in position to receive such an amazing piece of cardboard goodness. Numbered 80/99 and complete with a piece of Duke's lumber, it's just my third Duke John Hancock, two of which are certified.

The fine gentlemen across the pond also sent along some extras, including a new Kemp, a new Kershaw, and two new Broxton minis.

And as always, when England is involved, I get to show the phenomenal below clip and use the awesome tag that is "Would You Like A Spot of Tea.....YEEEESSSSSS." It's not the exact video I want - that one is no longer available - but it'll surely do in a pinch, and is just as spectacular as the one I was hoping to post.

Thanks for the fantastic prize Martyn and Tony! I greatly appreciate it!

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