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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beast Mode, Activate. Form of: A Bison.

I know there are a number of bloggers out there that dislike the constant gimmicks Topps comes out with each and every year. Considering I don't put together the Topps' flagship set and generally (minus Ginter) am a singles type of collector focused heavily on my various player collections, it's not something that bothers me or even warrants much thought. However, I can firmly get behind any gimmick that yields something as awesome as this:

BEAST MODE NEVER SLEEPS! The newest addition to my Bison Collection is this sweet SP variation from 2012 Topps Series 2. The prices on this fantastically amazing card have been all over the map as people rushed to pick one up and no information on just how rare these truly are was available. I've seen auctions end in the 50-60 dollar range, some in the $20ish range, and some in the teens. I held out, not wanting to go over eight clams if at all possible. My patience paid off, and I landed what has quickly become one of my favorite cards for $8.07 delivered.


  1. Nice! I love it. And congrats on winning the Snider card as well. That's one sweet looking card.

    So I made my first attempts at buying cards on eBay. Since my 2012 Ginter collection is still new, I decided to bid on some box breaks. What I did was bid low on every team and didn't try to target any teams specifically, since I didn't want to get into a bidding war for what are ultimately unknown cards. Unfortunately this immediately disqualifies me for teams like the Nationals, Dodgers, Yankees, Angels, Red Sox and others since people bid up high on the popular teams with the biggest names.

    Anyhow, I bid on 2 separate breaks and won a total of about 21 teams across the two. I ended up with a lot of cards and luckily they're almost all cards that I needed. Then came the hits. I don't know what the odds are on this, but the Cubs was one of the cheap teams I bid for on both breaks (ok well the odds on that part are good) but there was a Cubs relic hit on both breaks by completely different sellers. Not only were they both Cubs Relic hits, but they were the exact same hit. Sad part was, they were both Mr. TOOTBLAN himself, Ryan Theriot :(

    So that was the weird, kinda depressing part...well as much as a hit can be depressing, lol. The good part was that one of the sellers, rather than auction off the non-baseball cards separately, randomized those instead and distributed them amongst the team winners. However, since I won 11 teams on that break, I got 11 chances to get a match with those cards. The other 2 hits from this sellers' box were both non-baseball cards. One was a Michael Phelps relic and the other was a Bob Hurley relic. Surprisingly I won both.

    So I spent about 40 bucks, got 4 hits some nice minis and made progress on filling out my base set with probably 100+ cards. Think it turned out pretty well. Don't think I'll be lucky enough to get that many hits ever again, but it was a good experience. Thought it was pretty cool that the guys video the breaks for everyone to see. However, now that my base is getting a lot more fleshed out, I think I will probably try a different method. Not sure yet.

    Anyhow, just thought I'd share on here since no one I hang out with collects cards, so they wouldn't have a clue about what the hell I was rambling on for, lol.


  2. thanks Wil!

    TOOTBLAN TERRIFIC haha. a hit's a hit, at least. you can always trade 'em away. congrats on the Phelps and Hurley!

    I've spent many an hour watching box breaks on YouTube haha. it's kind of addicting.

    and feel free to ramble whenever. I love talking cards!