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Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Clayton Kershaw Pentafecta Is Complete!

First, Russell Martin had his day in the five-alarm sun. Then, Matt Kemp followed suit. And now, it's 2011 NL Cy Young time, as I have finally completed my Kid K Pentafecta by acquiring the missing patch piece to the Pentafecta puzzle.

Numbered 162/199 and hailing from the Gametime Mementos subset of 2011 Topps Marquee, the above bad boy was had for a very reasonable $9.79 delivered. Featuring "three" pieces of a gray road jersey and one massively sweeeeeeet two-color letter patch piece, it's a card I could not possibly let slip past me. The patch comes from somewhere on the "Dodgers" portion of a Clayton home jersey, which is just an added cherry on top. Now, let us move on to the rest of the finally completed Pentafecta.

I love Clayton's true rookie. USA all the way baby.

Shiny, diamond-y, and short-printed to 99. Plus, I picked it up with found money, so to speak.

Allen & Ginter autographs can't be beat, and are only matched by Masterpieces autos. It's that whole on-card thing. I sincerely adore this card. And for roughly ten bucks, if memory serves me, it's all the more amazing.

My lone Kershaw printing plate. I'd really like to pick up more, if my wallet allows me to. I also need to re-scan this one, or crop it better, at the least.

The Kershaw Pentafecta has been accordingly added to the Pentafecta tab.