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Friday, August 3, 2012

A $1 Ryan Getzlaf Error Autograph, Courtesy of Yours Truly.

~$1.13, to be exact. I came across a lot of nine cards on eBay, one of which was a Ryan Getzlaf autograph that I not only needed, but I had never even seen before. It was from one of my favorite sets, and the auction looked like it might remain affordable. It did, and for $10.13 delivered I acquired the below, highlighted by my newest Getz.

It hails from the Yours Truly autograph subset of '10-'11 Panini Zenith Hockey. As you may have noticed though, the words "Yours Truly" are nowhere to be found. Well, that's because Getzlaf signed the cards in the wrong spot. All of them.

Which is pretty damn cool. I assume some Panini rep handed him the cards with the above side facing towards the table, so he assumed he needed to sign right by his picture. Anyways, I love the card regardless, as it features Getz with the Captain's C and is hard-signed. I'm easy to please.

The other eight cards in the lot are pretty cool as well, and all come from the Zenith product. The above five cards are all ear-marked for Matt from Cardboard Conundrum as I look to complete my end of our most recent trade, which I still need to write about.

The final three cards will be added to my stash of Trade Bait. All in all, I'm happy to have won the lot and added another sweet Captain Getz to my collection.

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