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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Question For Everyone: I'd Like To Propose A Pentafecta? (Russell Martin Sick Patch Edition)

That's really more of a statement, I know. A recent acquisition has raised a question in my mind, and I felt there was no better way to answer that question than to seek advice and input from all of you. We are all familiar with a Trifecta, the possession of a player's rookie card, a relic of said player, and that player's John Hancock. I'm not entirely sure who started the phenomena, but I've seen Drew from DrewsCards' name attached to many a Trifecta origin post, and Night Owl once displayed his Dodger Trifectas. While I love a good Trifecta, I've felt for some time that the idea could sustain an interesting update. So, I give you my crazy idea of a Pentafecta.

You begin with the traditional Trifecta, and then add the final two layers: a patch and a 1/1. The 1/1 could be any 1/1, though I personally would strive for a printing plate. The above Russell Martin patch - #'d 02/25 - was a sweet eBay score for $5 delivered (the seller also happened to send it in a magnetic, so that was a nice bonus as well). I already owned a couple of cards that could be classified as patches before landing this gorgeous wonder, but they are the type of patches which force you to strain your eyes to see that they are in fact patches.

Anyhoo, I'm much more comfortable now stating firmly that I have completed my Martin Pentafecta. Hence why I'm bringing up the Pentafecta Postulate. Anyways, the last four prongs of the Pentafecta are below. Oh, I do still need to figure out exactly where this Russ patch comes from....

We'll start off with the earliest card, Russ' true rookie card. A simple card, and a nice shot of the former Dodger backstop. It actually took me a pretty decent amount of time to land this.

Next up, one of my many Martin relics. I was stuck between a handful when deciding which to display, but in the end, how could I not feature a sick dual relic with Mike F'in Piazza?

The autograph is the next leg in this trek up Pentafecta Mountain. Again, there were a number I wanted to feature, but I ended up going with my 2007 Ginter auto because Ginter is Ginter, and I love A&G. But damn, I really wanted to show off my Masterpieces Martin signature as well. On-card baby!

And finally, the old 1/1, and as previously mentioned, a printing plate is my choice whenever possible. Topps Finest is a set I really enjoy, and I love this Yellow Finest Plate.

So, now that I've run down my first Pentafecta, what does anyone who has made it this far think? Am I insane, does the idea seem interesting, or is it some combination of both? Would you ever consider putting together a Pentafecta of your favorite player or players?

I've added a "Pentafecta" tab to the top of the blog. My (obvious) next two targets are Kemp and Kershaw. I would say the Kemp is complete, but the patch portion is one that could be argued by some. I am in serious need of a Kershaw patch, that much is indisputable. The Martin patch has been added to my Russell Collection.


  1. Where does it end? A patch is kindof a relic, isn't it? And what about a jersey relic vs a bat relic? How about a jersey, pants, and a bat? How about those neat manu patches like this years topps ones with the old team logos paired up with your favorite player? or those leather nameplate thingys? It's all madness! Madness I tell you!

    I like the Pentafecta. I can see me doing it for Hosmer. ;)

  2. I like the idea since it's kind of a cool challenge. I think I've done that with at least one player in my PC--Rich Hill. I'll figure that out and if it's the case I'll do a post on it. Hopefully you've started a cool new trend!

  3. Sounds good to me, but pretty much out of my league. I have exactly one 1/1 card and one patch card in my entire collection.

  4. genius, this idea.
    on one hand, its like kyle sez - where does it end? with a milafecta?
    and then again, why not? its a great idea to do for one or a coupla favorite players.
    i have neither the discipline nor budget for that kinda chase - but dang it - i love the idea.

  5. I like this idea, but I want to make sure I am following correctly. A "trifecta" is a true rookie, an auto, and a relic? And add two more cards (a 1/1 and patch) to that and you have a "pentafecta." I think I have that right. I am close to a Halladay pentafecta, I have all of the trifecta cards, a 1/1, but no on card auto. But I do have his auto on an 8x10.

  6. Edit: I mean i have 2/3 trifectas, and both pentafectas. The auto is part of the trifecta. Whew.

  7. Kyle- A patch is a relic, but there's a clear difference, obviously. But a relic, be it a bat or jersey piece, is a relic. A manupatch is cool, but it's not a hit. No matter what Topps wants us to believe. It is all indeed, though, as you pointed out, madness. SPARTA! Good luck on the Hosmer Pentafecta!

    Dennis- Just checked, you definitely have everything for it! It looks great too! And yes, hopefully I have become a card trendsetter! haha....

    IYACC- Thanks!

    Night Owl- Nothing is impossible! Or something motivational like that haha.

    Stealing Home- Thanks man!

    Julie- Yes, you are correct on the definitions of Tri and Pentafecta. Good luck on snagging a Halladay auto! eBay to the rescue!

  8. A patch is a relic, though a patch is much better than a jersey in my mind. It's like a super-trifecta! I like the idea of a pentafecta of some sort, though it's kind of tough for players like Nolan Ryan! I go for the rookie, bat, jersey, and figurine - though an autograph is usually part of my player collections.

    I say whatever interests you in your collection is great!

  9. Couldn't have said it better myself Ryan!

  10. I'm a fan of the pentafecta. And I'm assuming there are extra credit points if one can track down the 1/1 quadfecta (all four printing plates from a series)?
    I definitely have multiple Hochevar trifectas, a handful of pentafectas, and am 3/4ths of the way to getting a printing plate quadfecta.
    I'll have to check to see how far along I am with my Dexter Fowler collection.
    Great idea!

  11. Thanks Eric! And yes, bonus points for the printing plate quad.

  12. Sounds like a fun challenge. Congrats on yours!