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Friday, July 6, 2012

An Emerson Etem eBay Patch I Had To Fight For.

Continuing on yesterday's Emerson Etem front, I picked up a sweet two-color patch with a fat seam of the Ducks' high-scoring prospect a while back. It's the Jumbo Jersey Gold version, and as such is limited to just ten copies. When it arrived, I was pretty shocked, but not because of how awesome the card is. No, I was stunned because a different card slid out of the bubbler.

The seller had accidentally mixed up my card with another, but he was great about the situation. He profusely apologized on multiple occasions, got into contact with the other person who had the Etem, and after I shipped back the wrong card, quickly got the right card in my hands along with a few bucks to cover what I spent shipping the other card his way. Fight was an overstatement, but it seemed like an intriguing word for the title.

I love that ITG and Brian Price were ultra-specific with where this patch comes from, as the back clearly states that the patch hails from a "game-used Emerson Etem 2010 Home Hardware CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game jersey." For about six-ish bucks, it was a major coup. The two-colors are great, and the fat seam seals the deal.


  1. Man, you are getting some gnarly patches on your recent hockey binge.

  2. I have indeed! Thankfully haha. So much hockey thus far in 2012.