Saturday, July 7, 2012

Making Night Owl Jealous.

Well, I think he might be envious. He may also own the card, and thus be able to laugh in my face. From across the country. And the internet. Such is the risk I am willing to take.

I snagged this 1961 Bell Brand Potato Chips card of Johnny Podres from the eBay store of my now-defunct LCS for just $1.04, with free shipping. My LCS's owner was even kind enough to drop it off at my house. I don't actively collect Podres, per se, but I do enjoy picking up cards of his every now and then, especially when the price is so purchase-friendly. This salty treat will find a nice home in my collection. There's so much blue, and the neighborhood park atmosphere is tremendous.

The back has the really sweet Bell Brand logo, and also mentions night games and a pair of nighttime doubleheaders the Dodgers were scheduled to play in 1961. The Podres is just dripping in vintage-y goodness. As is the Jim Gilliam that I may or may not have also acquired at a price that may or may not have been a buck and four pennies. Fellow Greg, it could be yours, perhaps.

Assuming I did in fact pick it up with the Johnny.


  1. The heck with Night Owl, I'm jealous and I don't even collect the Dodgers.
    That's a nice-looking card, I'm thinking that Bell Dodgers might be something else to add to my shopping list for the National...

  2. haha, Bell Dodgers are sweet, this is my first experience with them but I've seen a lot of auctions and they have a great design to them.

  3. To heck with Night Owl???????

    Dude, I'm interested in whatever potato chip Dodger you want to send me.