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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is There A Card That Invokes Championship Memories For You? This Is Mine.

I love all of my Ryan Getzlaf cards, especially the various hits. However, I think the below may have quickly become the favorite in my Captain Getz Collection. It's just....well, it's not only a fantastic card in all of the ways we think of cards being fantastic, but it also serves to remind me of the only championship one of my favorite teams has won during my lifetime, way back in 2007. After getting outbid on one and debating whether to jump back in on it for what would have had to be at least twenty-five bucks, I remembered there was a shockingly-low BIN listed at $19.99 with free shipping. I didn't hesitate, and Card Draft # 1 funds were quickly dispatched into action.

Boom! Numbered 23/25, this dual autograph featuring Getzy and former Ducks' netminder J.S. Giguere is from the Bonded In Silver dual auto subset of Panini's first Dominion offering. Two bold on-card autos in blue, a couple of great in-game shots of the duo, a fantastic design generally-speaking, and the cup prominently featured in the middle of the card all work in harmony to create a cardboard masterpiece. Ryan and J.S. make a fitting pair, as they were two of the primary cogs during the Cup run, and Getz was the first to reach Giguere when the final seconds ticked off of the clock in Game 5 and the Ducks won their first Cup.

The back features a great write-up commemorating the pair's major contributions to the Ducks' only Cup win, and like all Dominion cards, Panini really hit it out of the rink with this product. It's my first Jiggy autograph, and I couldn't think of a better one to hold the honors of popping that cherry. It is easily one of my favorite cards, invokes championship memories, and it was less than a blaster?


So, do any of you own a card that brings back memories of a title won by one of your favorite teams?


  1. Yeah. None of my teams have won a championship in my lifetime. So, that isn't possible. Why is my luck that bad?

    By the way, shoot me an email, I still have that Gagne auto you wanted.

  2. Better late than never!