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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's My Birthday!

I turn a ripe old 23 today. Nothing major planned, just dinner with my parents, perhaps hanging with a friend or two if they're free, and either a run in the outside world I need to explore more often or some time on the treadmill if I'm lazy. A relaxing day, to say the least. Oh, and this:

The box of Allen & Ginter, as badly as I want to bust it, will wait patiently until the rules of this year's Gint-A-Cuffs have been announced. Because I doubt I'll be fortunate enough to crack into a second box of A&G. The two long boxes flanking '12 Ginter are a pair of 2010 Just Minors Mystery Mini Bats. Dave & Adam's had them marked way down in price, and the checklist is pretty sweet, with a number of guys I collect and enjoy watching play this grand old game of ours. The small box on top of Ginter is from Panini, and was a throw-in from D&A for reaching a certain price threshold. It's called All Goalies and guarantees a relic, as well as a full base set, if I read the product description correctly. It was the best of the free stuff they had available, and I do love me some hockey.

Many thanks to my wonderful parents for the Ginter and one of the mystery mini bats. And for allowing me to tack on the second mini bat with the order. They got straight cash homey to cover it. Though I'm much more of a singles guy than a box breaker extraordinaire, I always put Ginter together, and it makes for a pretty easy-to-acquire birthday gift, particularly with its release day being in July.

Though I am young-ish, I feel old. My body is certainly that of a much older man. But hey, that's what happens when you have a semi-Body By Sonic.

I'm working on it.

Results of the break to follow at some point within a week or so. Ginter will land later, I suppose.


  1. Added you to today's Blow Out the Candles. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Good luck with the bats!

  3. Happy birthday! Best of luck on your breaks!

  4. Happy Birthday, may the day be filled with nothing but hits.

  5. Happy Birthday! Too bad you missed the best day in the world by one :)

  6. Happy birthday...hope you get a few treats in your Ginter box :)

  7. Happy Birthday, bro. may it be the best dinner ever.

    wishing those magic boxes are the first part of an awesome 24th year.

    it's bound to be a good year, as i often cite my 24th as one of my favorites.

    A tall one for you today !

  8. Thanks gents, appreciate the well-wishes!

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your bats! That box of Ginter looks good, I'm shaking in my Ginter-booties for the upcoming Gint-a-cuffs Free-for-all! Cheers!