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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trade With sportscardfreak: Ryan Getzlaf Dominion Championship Gear Auto/Patch #'d /10 (One of The Best Maildays EVER!)

I completed my first trade with SCFer sportscardfreak, and considering it happened months ago, I should probably post it. James posted about a double of a super high-end and majorly sick Ryan Getzlaf hit he had, and I immediately jumped on it, as it comes from my favorite hockey product, is short-printed to just 10 copies, and is a card I've never had the opportunity to pick up before. Behold, one of the crown jewels of my Getzlaf (Dominion) Collection, and one of the most difficult pieces of that puzzle to pick up.

Oh snap! Numbered 04/10 and featuring a beautiful on-card John Hancock and a sweet patch, the Championship Gear portion of my Dominion Rainbow is finally in the books. My newest trading partner was hoping to pick up all ten of these, but stopped at two and was willing to part with one. I preferred the patch this copy sports (as well as its lower price tag) over the 01/10 serial-numbering of his other copy. No idea where the patch comes from but it's multi-colored and awesomely awesome. At the time of this purchase, this was the most money I had ever spent on a card. How much, you say? Well, I'll say this: it was more expensive than my 1950 Bowman PSA 3 Roy Campanella.

I greatly appreciate that James worked out a deal with me, but his generosity didn't stop there. We worked out a second deal, but that will have to wait until tomorrow and a post all its own. Needless to say, it was a fantastic mailday as everything from both deals arrived together, and one so great it shall be halved into the aforementioned two great posts.

Thanks James! Until tomorrow....