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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trade With sportscardfreak: Young C in Round 2, Electric Getzaloo.

Terrible title, I know. Anyhoo, here it is, my second trade with sportscardfreak from SCF, and the partner post to yesterday's trade. We got to talking about our Getzlaf PCs, and he said he had another duplicate hit, gauging my interest. I was of course interested, and the response I got back blew me away: he was sending it my way (with a third majorly needed Getz making the trip as well), and we'd work out a deal later for some cards to restock his trade bait stash.

Numbered 23/50, it's my first manufactured patch auto of the Ducks' Captain. I assume the C is used to spell out Ducks. I assume. Moving along, the final card is a simple one on many levels, but a necessity that had alluded me up until this point. I've probably lost 6-10 eBay auctions for it.

Hello there, Young Guns. These two deals are easily two of my favorite trades, and a pair of the best transactions of any kind I've been involved in since reentering the hobby in the summer of 2010.

Thanks for the pair of phenomenal trades James! I have no doubt we'll be dealing again!*

*we already are*

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