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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Taking Out The Laundry: Tomlinson Tag.

I often feel certain areas of my collection are neglected, and that is particularly true with certain players I collect. One such player is soon-to-be Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson. I'm desperately in need of an autograph, and while I'm on eBay a lot and I trade a lot, I don't often find myself picking up new additions for my LT PC. The printing plate I posted on recently was one of two big pieces I scored this year; the first is below.

Numbered 04/30, it's a sweeeet Laundry Tag relic of the former Chargers' tailback. I had no real expectations of winning the auction; in fact, I only bid because I felt the price was crazy low as the seconds ticked away towards completion. I've talked before about those bids that are placed solely because you couldn't possibly imagine a certain card selling for so little. I have a limit on most cards, and if the price exceeds said limit, then so be it. However, I detest losing out on a card I'd love to add to my collection at a price I consider a steal.

That would have been the case had I not placed a bid on this card. Again, I didn't expect that bid to hold up, but I wasn't disappointed when it did. I love the card, and I've paid little attention to my Tomlinson Collection for too long. For about fifteen bucks, I couldn't be more pleased with the pickup, which happens to be my first laundry tag.

Considering he just retired and is Hall-bound, that autograph will probably have to wait though to see the inside of my collection.


  1. Nice, dude. How is that not a 1 of 1?

  2. The numbering surprises me as well. 30 seems high for a tag...must have had a few of them.

  3. Yeah the numbering originally concerned me, but it's a seller I've bought from before with outstanding feedback.

    And the card itself hasn't been tampered with. But I would think all tags should be out of like 5-ish at the most.

    I guess it's kind of like Marquee, where sick patches are on cards #'d out of 180 or so.