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Monday, June 11, 2012

Dodgers' Sluggers, Well-Loved.

A card that any Dodgers' fan would love to have, and one I needed, no matter the condition. And as you can plainly see, this one is no spring chicken. Rounded, rough, and frayed corners, surface scratches everywhere, worn edges, and creases. I still love it. Sadly, there is no equivalent when looking at the present-day Dodgers. Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, and a bunch of nothing, really. I'd throw-in Jerry Sands, but beyond Jerry, A.J. Ellis is a stretch power-wise (though 2012 has been a pleasant surprise) and everyone else is terrible.

I'd love to pick up a second, cleaner copy to replace this one in my Campy Collection, and have this low-grade version just be part of my larger Dodgers' PC, or even my small Snider PC.

I probably overpaid for this, but it was one of those bids you place - well, I've found myself placing them, I won't speak for anyone else - where you don't actually expect to win, but you can't possibly see the card selling for so little, so you bid. I certainly had no expectations of my last-second bid succeeding, but it did.


  1. My version of this card is in about the same shape -- but I don't give '50s cards like this a second thought when it comes to condition. It's almost like cards from this era SHOULD look like that.

  2. I'd love to have this card, even in this condition. Hard to find four sluggers like that at any time in baseball history.

  3. Dig the advertising in the background. That is one frigging amazing card.

  4. my copy is not much better, but it's perfect at the same time.

    congrats on the pick up!

  5. Thanks gents!

    Jeff- Hadn't even noticed the advertising, but it's a cool touch.