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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trade With State of The Hobby...I'm Your Average Card Collector: Matt Kemp's Jumbo Lumber.

I completed my second trade with Jon from State of The Hobby...I'm Your Average Card Collector. Jon posted an absolutely amazing card, and I pounced. A few e-mails and Brandon Lafells later, and it was mine. You can check out everything I sent Jon's way here. Now, behold, in all of its glory, a massive chunk of The Bison's bat:

Sick! Numbered 08/20 and hailing from 2012 Topps Museum Collection, this Jumbo Lumber is by far one of the coolest hits of Matty I own. It's a fitting card to add to my Bison Collection, considering how Matt's been swinging the lumber the last couple of seasons. I absolutely love everything about this card, from the massive slice of bat to the general design of Museum Collection to Matt's huge smile. It has already been given the one-touch treatment. The Kemp would have been plenty, but there was one more card I managed to acquire from Jon.

Getz! Bobby! Together! I really love this dual auto of my two favorite Ducks, and I'm happy to pick up a second copy, as my Getzlaf PC already contains one. As such, this sweet piece of cardboard will head straight for my Bobby Ryan PC.

Jon even threw in a few extras, Evan Longoria style.

Thanks for another fantastic trade Jon! I look forward to many more, and please let me know if those high-end Russell Martins you've mentioned in the past ever become available!


  1. i would have pounced myself, dude. but i'm glad u got it, bcuz ur such a big time kemp collector.

    that card is the shite, bro ! congrats

  2. That Kemp card is sick, sexy, and several other words that shouldn't apply to baseball cards but do.

  3. haha, thanks guys!

    and lame fail on the Longoria pic link. three nice cards, regardless.

  4. Longoria link fixed! damn Picasa, I'm out of room :(

  5. Mucho mucho jealous. Nice pick up man!

  6. Thanks DB! And dammit, the Longoria link is just shit.

    Oh well.