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Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Recent" In-Person Dodgers' Autographs.

I've got a few in-person autographs to post, and I'll lump them together, considering they happened ages ago. First up, a new project I've begun and am 25% done with.

Steve Garvey was doing one of his many free signings, and I had some time to swing by. I asked him to sign an 8x10 that will eventually include the rest of The Great Infield. Steve was kind enough to inscribe "'74 NL MVP" and was a great and nice guy, as he always is. Shout-out to Paul for letting me borrow a pen and giving me pointers on what pen to use for a project such as this, as well as George for saying hi. Great seeing you gentlemen!

Next up, a pair of John Hancocks I picked up at Dodger Stadium before a Friday Night Fireworks game. I hit up Aisle 27 and got Kenley Jansen on my "2012 Team Ball," and had I not had my cast on, I'm not sure he would have stopped, as he was wrapping up a quick signing session. After coming off of the field, I ran into Harry, who runs Eye On LA Sports. Harry spotted Ron Cey signing and helped me get his signature on my "team" ball, as doing these things one-handed is rather difficult. Good luck in El Paso buddy, and come back and visit!