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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Missing The M.

For whatever reason, I have the desire to complete my Justin Smoak Manupatch Auto Nameplate. It's a short last name, what can I say? I was down to needing just the S and M when the S popped on eBay and I was able to land it for a pretty affordable price.

M is all that remains, and then the fun comes in deciding what to do with the completed nameplate. Here's what it all looks like so far:

The O and the A.

And finally, the K.




  1. At least you can spell something!

    If you never get that "M", you can frame what you have and hang it above your tub.

  2. haha, that would be quite the accomplishment Josh! bang-up idea though.

    I may one day do it.

    and then document it for the whole blogging world to see.

  3. ...it also spells kaos. Just sayin' :p