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Monday, August 27, 2012

Clarity Is Topps' Forte.

I'll occasionally search for cards of my main three guys when a new product hits the market. I generally have a good idea of what will pop up, but a recent eBay search for 2012 Allen & Ginter Russell Martin cards revealed a fairly shocking inclusion in the product.

Russ hasn't been a Dodger for two years. Two. Years. Yet here he is, included in the relic portion of 2012 Ginter as a Dodger. The gray swatch is vague, so perhaps it is a Dodgers' road uniform relic (Martin is pictured in home whites, of course) and not a Yankees' swatch. Topps surely specified on the back of the card, as they've always been so clear with this sort of thing.

So yeah. "Star Catcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers." Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to add another Russ "Dodgers" card to my collection - especially a Ginter one - as I thought last year would end those L.A. cards, but damn if this isn't still confusing as can be. Russ' base card, mini, and printing plates in the set picture him as a Yankee, so Topps has really thrown me a curveball here.


  1. I just got a 2012 David DeJesus "Golden Moments" relic with him in a Royals jersey. He has been on the A's AND the Cubs since then.

    My guess is that they have some extra fabric swatches in the "warehouse" and need to use them up somehow.

  2. What's next, an A-Rod Mariners card?

  3. They did the same with Jed Lowrie's relic. Red Sox uniform and swatch (even seen a couple red ones), even though he's been on the Astro's for a year and a half now. Must just be leftovers they're trying to use up.

  4. I mean, some older products have jersey swatches from players' former teams, yet still picture them in their new uniforms... so why is he still in LA gear, indeed? That is a quick Photoshop job and it's done. Haha.