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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In Which I Go Deeper Into My Poker Collecting Ways.

I wrote a post a while back talking about my various collections and how I would categorize them. I've decided to go into further detail on one of those truly tertiary collections: my poker autographs and the particulars of the players in said collection.

My poker collection is thin at the moment, but I have plans on changing that. I eventually want to obtain autographs of my favorite players: Gus Hansen, Phil Hellmuth, and Daniel Negreanu. There are certainly more that would be appealing to own - Doyle Brunson, but of course - but these are the main ones I would build a collection around. For now, I'm limited to players whose signatures wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg.

Because poker would be much more difficult less an arm.

My favorite auto I have is of The Magician, Antonio Esfandiari. Esfandiari took down the largest sum in poker history earlier in 2012 after winning the "Big One for One Drop." That sum totaled $18,346,673 before taxes, and came out of a $1 million buy-in tournament. Esfandiari earned his second WSOP bracelet with the win (to go along with 2 WPT titles and one EPT Final Table) and cemented himself atop the leaderboard for career tournament earnings. I can't even fathom winning over $18 million. I'd still blog, that's for sure. And buy some bucket list items. A lot of bucket list items.

My other two autos were acquired for less noble reasons. They were cheap as well, and they feature very attractive women. Lacey Jones....just Google her, or click here. You can thank me later. Same goes for Ms. Ng, who's the more accomplished player of the two, having finished in the money ten times in WSOP events on top of a second place finish in the inaugural WPT Ladies' Night event. Both have also done some in front of the camera poker hosting/analysis, as you might expect.

One of my goals for the future is to buy in to the Main Event in Vegas, as well as play a few smaller WSOP tournaments. It'll happen eventually; the sole question remains when exactly. I love playing in Vegas in the very small tournaments I can afford presently, but that Main Event is just calling my name.

I love everything about poker. The analytical side to the game really intrigues me, in terms of deducing odds for a particular hand, pot odds, whether you are pot-committed on a hand you otherwise might not play. The camaraderie is great, hanging with friends in a fairly relaxed environment is always fun, and of course, the opportunity to take down some extra cash is, well, obvious.

I have a buddy who has proclaimed on multiple occasions already that he will one day buy me in to the Main Event. I certainly won't be refusing such an offer when the time comes.

I anxiously await that day. Until then, I'll be content with picking up the random signature here and there and going after the guys and gals on my short-list of must-own poker autos.


  1. Matt, don't know what happened to your comment, I got an e-mail notification about it.

    Anyways, you're right!

    Google even finishes it off when I type it in haha.


  2. Poker is number 4 in my top ten list of favorite things to do, behind golf, music, and collecting cards. And I can't wait to hear Norman Chad riff on your card collecting when you're at the final WSOP table.

  3. Very cool collection... I've never been a fan of playing poker, but I own the same Ng autograph (I'm building that set), but it looks like I need to grab an autograph of Lacey Jones. She's hot!

  4. haha, you do need a Lacey sig! and you must play poker, it's a blast!


  5. Unfortunately there's no way my bank account could afford two addictions: poker & cardboard. But it looks like I can buy one on COMC for $6. I just offered the guy $3.75, so keep your fingers crossed.