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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trade With Sports Cards Ate My Brain: Gerrit Cole's Auto Is Finally Mine! Plus Rickey, Bison, Longoria, Utley, and Dunn.

I completed my first trade with Scott from Sports Cards Ate My Brain. I was altered through someone else's blog to the fact that Scott had just received a redemption that was available for the taking. When I saw it, I absolutely had to make an offer and do whatever it took to acquire the card. We e-mailed a bit and soon thereafter the below stunner arrived in my mailbox.

Finally! It took some time, but I can finally check a Gerrit Cole autograph off of my Bucket List of cards I need to own. Cole is a UCLA grad on top of being the Pirates' Number 1 overall selection two years ago in the 2011 Draft. Numbered 071/199, the card features a fantastic three-color patch with a lot of stitching. The scan doesn't do the patch near enough justice. The Cole was the crux of the deal, but Scott and I worked out a much larger deal that netted each of us some great cards.

I managed to pry a fantastic Rickey Henderson relic from my newest trading partner. Numbered 043/150, it's just my second relic of the Hall of Famer, and first that pictures him as a Dodger. I'm assuming hoping going to convince myself the relic came from a Dodgers' home uniform.

Next in line, the Matt Kemp portion of the post. Scott sent along a sweet 2010 Kemp Ginter relic, which makes number a lot for me. Roughly. Seriously, I love Kemp's 2010 Ginter jersey relic. I would take 'em all if I could get my hands on them. The trade also netted me a nice gold border parallel numbered 1193/2010.

Back to my love for all things Bruins with this sweet Chase Utley hit. I'm always happy to pick up an Utley item to add to my PC of the once-upon-a-time-but-didn't-sign Dodgers' draft pick.

I card drafted away my only Adam Dunn relic, so I had to pick up a replacement given the opportunity. Dunn has long been one of my favorite non-Dodgers - I actually have a Dunn Cincy jersey - so grabbing a piece of lumber from the prodigious slugger's bat was an easy decision, particularly when you take into consideration it's a Ginter relic with that swell red border.

And finally, a mess of Evan Longorias, highlighted by two hits of the Rays' third baseman. Ginter and Gypsy Queen relics; there may be no sweeter combination. I'm sure I cleaned Scott out of Longoria RCs, and I'm thrilled to add them to my growing but modest collection of the former Long Beach State Dirtbag. The Chrome, Masterpieces, and Ginter are by far my favorites of the bunch.

Thanks for the phenomenal trade Scott! I look forward to many more in the future!