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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trade With Cardboard Conundrum: A Billion Little Ryan Getzlafs. Plus Other Sweet Stuff.

I completed my sixth trade with Matt from the great Cardboard Conundrum. You can refresh your memory on the first here, second here, third here, fourth here, and fifth here. Matt was apparently accumulating Ryan Getzlaf cards, because what I thought to be a couple headed my way turned out to be an entire shipment. They are all welcome additions to my Getzlaf Collection. Also of note: my scanner is apparently forever dirty and some of the penny sleeves had some schmutz on them, as penny sleeves are wont to do. I happen to be out of penny sleeves.

Onwards to the fantastically awesome additions. My favorite of the bunch is the above. It's just a simple black jersey swatch, but marks another notch on my Dominion Master Set belt. It's numbered 86/99 as well, which is cool.

Next up, a sweet dual relic of my two favorite hockey players, as Getz is paired with Ducks' winger Bobby Ryan. These dual relics are pretty sweet, and I'm happy to have the only one I really want, though I wouldn't turn any down if Getzlaf is included.

Next up, one of the best hockey releases I've come across, Titanium. Panini did a fantastic job with this set, and Getzlaf has a number of cards I want to get my hands on. Here's the first of what will hopefully be many.

The stick/jersey game-used combos from Luxury Suite are really cool, and the above marks my first stick piece from Ryan. It's numbered 090/100, and I love that the stick piece is two-colored and has some real character to it.

The final game-used Captain Getz comes from ITG's '11-'12 Captain-C product, and goes very well with the patch version of the card I already have. The card Matt sent is the Silver Version, which has a print-run of 90.

Matt also sent along a base card of Getz, but it's not your average base card, as it comes pre-slabbed and is short-printed to just 63 copies. It's the Ultimate Base Card Silver from In The Game's 2011-2012 Ultimate Memorabilia 11th Edition release. I've never seen Getz with a faux-hawk, but that's neither here nor there.

The bubbler that came my way had more than just Getzlaf stuff in it. I was able to obtain a sweet new Clayton Kershaw relic, numbered to a very odd 377 (214/377), and though it's from an unlicensed product, that's never bothered me in the past and won't going forward. Dirtiest. Scan. Ever.

A new Dirtbag found its way to me, as I was able to add a new Evan Longoria swatch to my modest collection of the Long Beach State alum. I'm still desperately searching out an autograph of his. It took me a minute to recognize this, but the card itself is off-center. Meh.

The last of the hits I acquired is a sweet relic from former Duck Chris Pronger, who was instrumental in the only Stanley Cup the Ducks have ever raised. It is serial-numbered 62/99, and there are also patch and autograph variations.

And finally finally, some random hockey base cards Matt tossed in. I don't really ever seek out Getzlaf base cards, so adding a few to my collection is most welcome.

Thanks for the fantastic trade Matt, and I hope you like everything headed your way!