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Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh Captain, My Captain.

This post marks my first scanning since breaking my wrist. Not bad, I suppose. Anyways, I was really pleased to see Ryan Getzlaf's inclusion in the ITG Captain C set released earlier this year. I absolutely love picking up a hit that features Getz with the C on his sweater. I was able to snag the below beauty for $5.99 shipped as the sole bidder.

The Silver Jersey variation has a print-run of 90 copies, and this particular card sports a sweet two-color patch with a giant seam that forces the sweater swatch to bulge out of the card. My only complaint is that ITG failed to use a photo of Getz that shows the Captain's C that earned him a spot in the product. Considering Ryan has captained the Ducks for two seasons now, it wouldn't have been that difficult to find a picture that incorporated the theme of the product. Regardless of that oversight, it's the newest addition to my Getzlaf PC, and a card I'm very happy to have.

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