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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Wait Was Worth It: Chris Pronger Stanley Cup Winners Auto Edition.

It took me seemingly forever and ever, but I was finally able to land a card I've wanted since the moment I saw it existed. The price was never quite right, but I finally got lucky and won the below stunner for $10.67 delivered.

Numbered 13/99 and apparently a case hit - according to the seller's listing - it's my first Chris Pronger signature. I'm a huge Pronger fan and am forever grateful for his major contributions to the Ducks' only Stanley Cup. His style of play and offensive and defensive contributions were instrumental, and this card is pretty much the perfect Pronger auto for my collection. The sharp silver signature on the black background, the Cup prominently featured, and the John Hancock being on-card are fantastic compliments to one another. Chris included his number 25, a nice and appreciated touch.

The set also features autos from Ryan Getzlaf and J.S. Giguere (I know of just those two), so I still have some cards from '11-'12 Panini Limited in my sights.


  1. I love these cards but the Bruins I have seen have been too costly, congrats on the great card.

  2. But it's a Pronger. That's like winning an autograph of Justin Bieber.

  3. thanks guys!

    and Jeff, I've never heard Pronger compared to Bieber haha.

  4. I have a Jordan Staal auto from this set. Yeah, these are pretty much some of the best looking hockey cards ever. Congrats on the great grab.

  5. Thanks Matt! I saw your Staal, congrats again on landing it!

    They are indeed some of the best things available.