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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

25 Exist. I Own 2.

High-end cards only come my way via eBay or trades, with the oh so rare occasional pull. When they're affordable, I'll pick up as many as possible, even if I already have a copy. Hence, my second purchase of the below beaut:

Numbered 24/25, it's an absolutely gorgeous card that I will continue to search out. I managed to snag this one for a flat-out steal, at just $12.59 shipped. It was a tremendous feeling to come home from class way back in mid-May, with no expectations of having won this auction, only to find that indeed, my bid had held up (this was right after I broke my wrist, so it was extra sweet). It will go nicely alongside the other copy I have. The back looks like the below back from the above's twin:

This is why I love eBay. Another great addition for my Captain Getzlaf Collection, and another Dominion pickup as I now possess 8% of the print-run.

Great success.


  1. Should have titled this post, 23 more to go....

    Nice card, I have thought about trying to get a chunk of a short production run, but then again there will always be that one card you can't find...

  2. Haha, I'm attempting that with the patches /25 for Getz.

    A tough task indeed.