Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A HUGE PC Addition: Ryan Getzlaf Dominion 1/1 Black Printing Plate!

Oh snap, this is a real doozy of a post! I am extremely proud to present to you the crowning achievement of my Ryan Getzlaf PC as it stands today: the Black 1/1 Printing Plate from Panini's inaugural release of Dominion!

I picked this bad boy up off of eBay months ago via the Best Offer option on the auction. I was able to use the funds generated from this deal on SCF towards the plate, which lessened the blow and covered over two-thirds of the cost of said black plate. It carried quite the price tag, but was totally worth it, as I love Dominion, Getz cards, and plates. Plus, I am going all-out to put together Captain Getz's Master Set from '10-'11 Dominion.

Holding this after it arrived was a fantastic feeling, particularly since I wasn't entirely sure I'd ever see one of the four plates available or have the opportunity to own one should any of them ever appear. At the time I purchased it, it was the most I had ever shelled out for a single card. It's a close call as to what my favorite Getz is - and thankfully I don't really have to choose - but this is just, well, a spectacular card. It also fulfills one of my 2012 Collecting Goals: grabbing a plate of Getzlaf. Oh, and it completes a Pentafecta for The Captain as well, which can be seen here and below:


  1. Boo hockey lockout. Hooray plates!

  2. Fantastic grab, sir! I really like with that one, how they put the actual card back on the reverse side of the plate. Very cool.

    BTW, I think 11-12 Dominion gets released Friday.

  3. Congrats on the fantastic pickup.

    Looks great!

  4. thanks gents!

    Dennis- BOO indeed. I miss hockey already.

    Matt- Friday, yup yup. My wallet cringes, particularly since I'm still working on Getzy's Master Set from last year's Dominion.

    And yeah, that is a nice touch for the plates, and a difference I hadn't noticed with other plates. Dominion also doesn't list the color of the plate anywhere, although they are all easy to spot.