Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Freebies From eBay. Seriously. FREE.

I picked up a sweet and seemingly rare Ryan Getzlaf card from eBay recently. I had only recalled seeing one copy previously available, and the seller had it listed with a large opening bid. It never sold, and it was constantly re-listed with the same starting mark before inevitably not selling. It was a card I really wanted, but not for anywhere near the price this seller was looking for. Then quite out of the blue, another copy popped with a low starting bid and a very reasonable Buy-It-Now price. I wasn't waiting around and taking any chances.

This may seem like just another sticker auto, but it's an earlier auto of the Ducks' Captain, and most importantly, he's not alone.

Boom! A sweet dual auto featuring former League MVP and goal-scoring champ Corey Perry. For just $12 and some pocket change, it was an easy pickup. Patience, my fellow collectors. Patience. This seller wasn't stopping at just listing cards with reasonable prices and helping my collection in that manner. He also sent along some freebies to reward me for my quick payment.

A Joe Thornton relic, #'d 107/599, for nothing more than being a good eBayer. This baby will be set aside with Matt's name on it for our next trade. There was also a Jonas Hiller base card I had already picked up via a Birthday Box Break and a J.S. Giguere gold medallion parallel from Fleer Ultra.

This was actually my second purchase from this fantastic seller, as roughly a week and a half earlier I scored another new Getz from him, one that also happened to include Mr. Perry.

The above beautiful dual relic - from the Draft Year Combos subset of '11-'12 Panini Rookie Anthology Hockey - commemorates the Ducks' fantastic 2003 draft, in which they landed both Getzlaf (19th overall) and Perry (28th overall). The Perry pick originally belonged to Dallas, but the Ducks' moved up from their two second round picks position to nab the former London Knight and pair him with the former Calgary Hitmen center.

The seller sent along another Getz relic, as well as a Peter Holland rookie (I have high-ish hopes for him) and a gold medallion Fleer Ultra parallel of Ryan I didn't have. I originally thought the Luxury Suite swatch was new, but it ended up being a duplicate, though a duplicate I'm more than happy to have, as I love all hits of my main guys, regardless of whether or not I already have them. It's numbered 265/599.

Give the seller, keato860, a look. He's one of the good guys, and they don't always finish last.

Just usually.


  1. WOW....usually the extras I see are crap base cards from some pack that likely was a disappointment to them!

    That is very cool.

  2. No kidding. That was quite the throw-in. And yes, I will be trading for that card in the near future.

  3. I've never had that luck with a seller before. Although, the guy that sold me my Blue JPA Auto from '11 Topps Chrome included a Mark Teixeira base card! WEE! I hate the Yankees.

  4. I was fortunate enough to have a seller send me an extra auto card with a recent eBay win.

    Shocked is a better term I believe...

  5. The patience can be hard, but a well-designed eBay search can often yield a card at a great price. Of course, sometimes you see something the next week and ask yourself, how did I pay that much for the card. Nonetheless, a great card!

  6. Dennis- My future blog.

    Dave- Yeah, I've gotten those kinds of extras too haha.

    Matt- It. Is. Yours.


    Robert- Oooh, an extra auto. Nice!

    Classic- Yeah, that's happened to me countless times. I usually just end up picking up both haha.

  7. That was pretty cool, it is nice to come across a good person like this especially when we usually hear about eBay auctions that went bad,