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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bill Plaschke and I Meet, At Last.

The Dodgers lost in interesting fashion last night, but my meh night got a WHOLE lot more interesting after I discovered someone had Tweeted me.

Into the wormhole, Twilight Zone-ish, etc. etc. The Argyled One finds my handle funny, and has now vowed to never wear argyle again.

My Twitter feed was buzzing, as you can imagine. My night turned right upside down, and it was a happy few hours, that's for sure.

Oh, and I know the story Bill.


  1. Hahaha that made my night better even if the Dodgers did lose.

  2. Hahahahaha! Your big time now. He digs the name!

  3. Dude - way to live your life !
    fascinating !

    maybe i should get a handle like "lasorda, thy sweater is stretched out"

  4. That is pretty cool.

    I had my own brief brush with Plaschke a few years ago in New Orleans. It was during the playoffs and the Saints were in the NFC championship game. I like to eat breakfast in this wonderful little hole in the wall (literally, you had to walk through an alley and a bar to get to it). Well, somehow, Bill Plaschke also knew about this joint and there he was one morning, reading the paper and eating his eggs and grits. I recognized him right away but left him alone. Another group of kids did not an seemingly ruined his breakfast by talking to him through the whole thing. Kids, when a man doesn't look up from his paper to speak to you, he just wants to be left alone. I felt bad for him that day. That may have been the first time ever.

  5. haha, thanks guys!

    'twas a fun night and fun post to write.

    Oscar- Do it! That blog name is insanely funny!

    jacobmrley- awesome story man, love it!

    Eric- #Winning, indeed.

  6. That's funny. You should tweet Woody Page and see if you can get him to bring it up on the show.