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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bill Plaschke Used Argyle To Impress A Woman

That sounds like the plot to a really bad Cinemax movie, right? Except it's as real as something that's really really real.

I took this video at some point in 2010. For those who may have wondered previously why my blog's name is what it is, Plaschke wore argyle for a good amount of time on Around The Horn. I mentioned it in my second ever post, back in August of 2009. I could never find video of him wearing it though, or a picture.

But now, I have more proof than I ever wanted to have. Especially since I think Bill's married. I may not know a lot about women, but I know enough to know that impressing one takes more than a stylish argyle sweater, worn on an afternoon sports talk show where Bill makes a daily ass out of himself.

Watch below and judge old William for yourself.

Mediocre video recording skills for the win!

Though the video is from an episode many many months back, it took me forever to figure out how to upload to it YouTube (yes, I'm technologically slow), and then I got severely backlogged on posts. But better late than never, especially when it's this embarrassing and about a truly horrible writer like Bill Plaschke. Paragraphs are more than a sentence long. And those that aren't should be few and far between in any piece of prose. Not 27 out of 27 "paragraphs".

There you have it. An origins tale, if you will. And a damn good excuse to rip a hack at the same time.

Oh, and speaking of incredibly embarrassing videos of The Argyled One:


  1. Haha, dork is putting it nicely.

  2. He reminds me of my old boss, which is about the most unflattering thing I can say.

    The second video could not be more pathetic or disturbing.

  3. Indeed fellow Greg, that second video is a thing to be wiped from memory.