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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Cheapest Group of Gypsy Queen Dudes in 2012.

I scored a sweet lot of five 2012 Gypsy Queen hits from my LCS a while back. For whatever reason I never got around to scanning them and writing something up. Anyways, for about seven clams and change, here's what I walked away with.

First up, a sweet Brandon Belt on-card auto. I had wanted a Belt auto for some time - I don't really know why, but I did - so that's been accomplished at the least. He's got an interesting signature.

Now, on to the relics. The mini relics usurp the full GQ relics, though I like both. The Steve Carlton was an easy pickup, and Topps went with some old-school wool the Hall of Famer once donned.

The only Dodger of the bunch is none other than Steve Garvey. It's the first Garvey relic in my collection, and Topps selected a great action shot of Steve.

Next up, a guy I marginally collect in Tommy Hanson. CYBORG HANSON TOMMY AGREES WITH THIS PICKUP.

And finally, another mini relic, this one featuring Angels' hurler Dan Haren.


  1. You want the Belt auto so you can flip it.

    PLEASE say that's why you want it!

  2. I've become a accidental Brandon Belt super collector I think. Hitting both his GQ auto and A&G auto this year.

  3. Night Owl- yes. that's why....

    /whistle whistle, nothing to see here

    Mark- haha, at least they're both on-card. also, down to get on that Ginter-related trade you mentioned a while back!